About our 35mm slide scanning process:

Nikon FH-835M 35mm slide scanning tray             35mm slide - copyright 2005 Nick Jensen             35mm slide - copyright 2004 Thomas Semesky
Nikon FH-835M 35mm slide scanning tray

Imagerylab.com handles each of your 35mm slides one slide at a time. We use the Nikon FH-835M slide scanning tray to individually mount 5 slides on a tray. The tray is then loaded into the Nikon 9000/8000 scanner and VueScan software is used to make individual Previews of each image. Exposure and focus settings are created for each slide individually. Once reviewed, the images are then scanned at your desired resolution of either 2000 or 4000 dpi and saved as LZW compressed TIFF files (note that LZW compression is a loss less compression algorithm that does not eliminate any data in your scan).

Compare our quality Nikon hardware and our handling of your slides with other services that stack up to 50 slides at a time into an auto-loader tray of a lower quality scanner. We value your images and work with the highest end, near drum scanning quality equipment that will not cause scratching of your images. Other services may be cheaper, but they may not spend the time treating each of your 35mm slides with care.